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Isolated Persons Grant

This grant is for those who classify as "High Risk" according to the CDC and are therefor isolating themselves in their home. This grant will provide a grocery voucher in the amount of $100.00 per person to have food delivered to those who qualify.

Rent/Mortgage/ Utilities Grant

This grant is for those that can certify that they have a financial hardship due to the COVID-19 public health emergency and because of this emergency are unable to pay utilities, rent or their mortgage. This grant provides $1100.00 per address to those who qualify.

iPad Assistance Program

This grant is to provide economic assistance to City of Saxman residents grades K-12 who do not qualify for another distance learning grant program.

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Please call the Grant Manager, Tom Gubatayao, at (907)-225-4166 if you have any difficulty with the applications. The Cities goal is to keep people away from public places as much as possible. The city staff has options if you or someone you know does not have a computer, internet access or is unable to use the online program for ANY reason.